Women often come to our practice for a technique called the Webster Technique, which is a specific analysis and treatment that can promote normal movement and positioning of the pelvis during pregnancy. If a baby is in the breech or other non-optimal position in utero, we recommend the Webster Technique. This promotes optimal pelvic and uterine position and can help create enough space for the baby to turn naturally. Based on the recommendations of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) along with clinical experience, our recommendations for treatment are:

Webster Technique evaluation should be administered at the first sign of a breech pregnancy. This can be as early as 30-32 weeks. We do not recommend waiting until after 36 weeks, however it can still be successful until 39 weeks.

Results: Improving pelvic alignment and movement creates more room in the uterus and thus baby can often find a more comfortable position for birth. The Webster Technique can also increase the success of an ECV if it becomes necessary.